Acceptance The Use Of Gamerz Drug Terms and Conditions

No Guaranty or Warranty.

While Gamerz Drug Website is past testing stage, features will be added at times with no warning. However, Software are unpredictable with Server Software an there updates.

While Gamerz Drug is a forever progressive Website, most of the upgrade and testing will be happening on game development and relating! Please be patient, games may be added or removed from site on a regular basis. With Games that have been tested or played on Site, it will leave some sort of foot print of some sort of manner. Meaning: if a link to a game does not work.

Reasons may be:

1. Game were removed for more testing or changes/development !

2. NO Longer will be available on the Site !


The Website is being Hosted in a "Testing Environment". Replacement parts, Parts upgrades or Server upgrade may occur. Resulting in Success Transition, but things do happen. While Server and it's Software may be backed up almost every 24hrs, some files may not be attended in time. May Resulting in lost of files, which may not be recoverable.

With lost Files, PHOTOS, Transaction, Game Scores ETC.... Is considered LOST and not recoverable. However, Subscription payment to an extent may be regained!

While Gamerz Drug Website is being Hosted on a testing environment, the location is not a controlled environment. The possibility of Power tampering and Vandalism is at very "High Risk".

Accounts that have not been logged in for 60-90 days will be automatically deleted, with no chance of recovery but email can be used for another Account Creation.